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The arts and culture sector is a key economic driver that contributes to local economies; builds strong vibrant communities; and creates civic engagement and provincial satisfaction. The SSI Arts & Culture program partners with arts organisations artists and cultural staff to deliver an annual program of events tasks and workshops.

Programs on the Ritz are designed to reveal residents especially children to the fantastic arts through diversified activities instructional packages and targeted exchanges with performing artists and craftsmen. Additionally the Ritz seeks to reinforce the quality of life in the region by encouraging broad-based awareness of and participation and pleasure in the performing and visual arts.

Robinsons Artablado Present Helps Chosen Children Village

The artists are past or present students of the Creative Hands Workshop together with members of the Sabado Group and the Art Wednesday Group. For this exhibit the beneficiary is Chosen Children Village in Silang Cavite. “Due to the pandemic the CCV now gets less support to fund primary wants such as food staff salaries diapers medicines and for repairs of the place. Hopefully whatever we elevate from the sale of artworks within the exhibit will augment the dwindling sources of the CCV” says Maryrose Gisbert one …