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Surrealist artists have made intensive use of collage and have swayed away from the still-life focus of Cubists. Rather in line with surrealism surrealist artists such as Joseph Cornell created collages consisting of fictional and unusual dream-like scenes.

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Collage is typically referred to as blended media although that time period can tackle meanings past collage. It would be extra applicable to say that collage is one form of combined media. The method and term originated hundreds of years in the past but made its breakthrough within the early 20th century as an art technique in itself when artists like Georges Braque and Pablo Picasso used it as a key part of their early Cubist follow. Nancy Spero’s engagement with political social and cultural issues all through her career as an artist in New York is best illustrated in her collage on paper ‘Notes in Time’. Inspired by Grecian scrolls and the story of Troy the frieze-like collage is comprised of twenty-four panels every nine-feet long punctuated by 96 quotations together with poetry by H.D. and multiple female figures. It is a grand non-narrative celebration of the female type but in addition documents a female wrestle against political stereotype.

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The objects she adds to her canvases usually contain some symbolic meaning for the artist. Anything from cigarette butts to faux hair drumsticks cellphones bead eyes and Nollywood posters have ended up in her work. Influenced by the Surrealists Cornell took collage into new instructions with his pioneering work in assemblage. Cornell lived in New York every day amassing the materials for his art from the bookshops and vintage retailers of Manhattan. He is most well-known for his intricate picket packing containers filled with lithographs colourful birds and other trivia. Friends with Schwitters Hausmann deserted painting in 1923 and centred his work on pictures.

Stezaker’s collages are irreverent; his use of glamourous Nineteen Fifties portraits of dapper suited men and Hollywood stars mashed together with postcards of landscapes and with different faces has the effect of the uncanny. Unlike the opposite Dada artists Schwitters was not based in Berlin however in Hanover the place he worked till the Nazis exiled him from Germany when he came to live in The Lake District in England. Montage is the act of assembling pictures that are related to one one other in a composition. Photomontage could be a highly effective software for social commentary as artists manipulate and edit photographs from mass media to play with or recreate their which means.

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The current trend is to create photos that mix painting theatre illustration and graphics in a seamless photographic whole. Collage produced from pictures or parts of photographs known as photomontage. Photomontage is the method of constructing a composite photograph by slicing and joining a selection of different pictures.

As a cognitive linguist Löhndorf research how which means is made with language how concepts are used and the way meaning is not steady but modifications with context. As a collagist she is participating with exactly the same process only with pictures instead of words. Most issues that meet our ears and eyes nevertheless are conventionalized messages which don’t require much aware effort on our part to interpret. It makes it possible for us to communicate shortly and effortlessly. Taking ideas out of their conventional context and intentionally or unintentionally create unexpected meanings to draw attention to unconventional yet extremely significant content is doubtless considered one of the functions of Art.

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After attending the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and the Hochschule fur Angewandte Kunst in Vienna Austria Gratkowski moved to LA and obtained a MA from the Southern California Institute of Architecture. Gratkowski’s work has been featured nationally and internationally in museum galleries and many of the prime art festivals. Since shifting his studio follow to LA. full-time in 2008 Gratkowski has been exhibiting continuously and has produced several main gallery exhibits and museum exhibitions since. He is currently engaged on an upcoming solo museum exhibition curated by Howard Fox which will open someday in 2023. His work has been featured in several printed catalogues articles interviews and online publications together with Artillery Magazine Pulse Magazine Art Ltd and Art Voices Magazine among others.