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How To Choose Ideal Designs for Your Custom Coozies

When you are preparing for certain events and planning to use bottle coolies as a souvenir for the participants then you have to think of a design that will make them remember your brand company or occasion they attended. If you are going to look at most of the bottles cans or mags available on the market then you can surely say that they are simple so you can also do one for a particular event. However as an individual who is in charge of organizing the entire event managing this souvenir would be easier if you are going to order from various companies that make customized designs.

For organizers what you should do is choose an ideal design for the custom coozies so think about this simple souvenir as an inspiration for people who will be receiving them soon. Keep in mind that those people will keep these coolies with them and use them every day so your company and the event will always be remembered as long as this souvenir is existing. This only shows that the design has to stay there for the longest time and for that you have to think of the quality as well.

It means that you are not only going to think about how this will be designed but you should also consider hiring experts in this area and the most reliable ones because how it is done may reflect your company’s reputation too. I guess you can now say that this is also quite a tough task because choosing designs won’t be your only obligation but with the expert’s help you’ll be able to manage to pick an ideal one. So what designs would you like and which one will best suit the event that you are organizing?


You’ll surely need your company group or organization’s logo because this souvenir is a way to promote your brand and with this coolie the participants will be reminded of your products and services. So make sure that you are going to send your logo and not someone else’s.

Well if this event is for a birthday christening anniversary or wedding celebration then you might want to have a photograph there as a remembrance. Do not forget to choose a clear photo for the coolie.


When you don’t have good eyes when it comes to matching colors you should ask for help from the designers because they need to make sure that the colors will match. The background font and other colors should not be overlapping – see to know what will happen.

You can look for default themes or schemes they are using so that you can check if there is a good match. If there is none then let the designer make a few drafts and then you may pick what’s best. These designers know very well which colors would not contrast and what will be consistent so be sure to hire the best one in town.


No matter what the occasion is do not overdo it. Make sure that it would be simple yet perfect for the event’s theme. You are not choosing a coozie design anyway out of competition and you are not also doing this to fulfill your duty.

Remember that this will be sent to people from various places or companies. They are going to take this with them and show it to others so choose something that can be impressive. In this way you can boost the reputation and name of the people behind these coozies.


I supposed this has something to do with your budget too. You can get a plastic paper or glass coolie – find out more about other materials. This could last longer than you expected based on how you took care of it.

But when it comes to the durability of the design it should not be removed or scraped easily. This is where you have to set more of your budget because it must last longer.

Make sure that the colors will not easily fade especially after washing them. Those who use paper must ensure that the colors are not dripping when the coolie is used with cold drinks. And then those who used glass or can with rubberized photos text or logo should be pressed well with heat so that they won’t remove easily.