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Studio 7 Nice Arts

Our objective is to ascertain partnerships with neighborhood government and social groups to make sure each individual has access to the healing energy of creativity. Our MISSION is to show support and promote the Arts and art training. In addition to supporting artists 7artscafe prides itself on preserving the previous and promoting Yokohama’s distinctive history. Its choice location within the coronary heart of downtown Yokohama is nestled between the fashionable artists enclaves of Koganecho and Isezakicho Yokohama’s oldest shopping district. In truth the Beat author William S. Burroughs was stated to frequent this area within the 1960’s. Steps away from the banks of lovely sakura-lined Ooka river 7artscafe occupies the primary floor of Okonogi #2 Building a Yokohama historic landmark built in 1965 by considered one of Yokohama’s first industrialist Meiji families. 7artscafe’s trademark brand eco-friendly products and interior design are all inspired by Japanese traditional colours and aesthetics.

the 7 arts

Form is also the precise three-dimensional artworks made with clay metal wooden and architecture. Most folks don’t even understand that structure is a form of art. Frank Lloyd Wright has designed over 1http://www.wellmixedrecords.com000 structures which are completely amazing works of art. When a form is made three-dimensional it turns into a …