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Can Art Really Make You Happier?

It’s maybe too obvious; it’s maybe too difficult; the result is a clumsy silence. The portrait of the old man which was the most damaged of the 5 within the theft and sustained deep scratches has over time been attributed to Jan Lievens and to Ferdinand Bol a pupil of Rembrandt. But Timo Trümper the curator of the exhibition says analysis of the painting style has ruled out both artist as the author of the work. The attribution to Bol stems from the artist’s signature on the again but Trümper says that will indicate that he owned the portrait not that he painted it. He says Bol might have obtained the work after Rembrandt’s chapter in 1656. The Art Newspaper have published an article on a just lately recovered portray from Schloss Friedenstein in Germany.

The generation of the melody and the harmony were based mostly on guidelines describing how notes or chords may be put collectively. The most fascinating AI part of this technique are the applicability rules determining the applicability of the melody and chords technology rules and the weighting rules indicating the probability of software of an relevant rule by means of a weight.

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