The top best TV for film lovers

March 7, 2021 Off By Azka

Are you a film lover and looking for the best TV to buy this year? We got you covered. After thorough research and market survey, we have come up with a list of the top best TV for film lovers as independently reviewed on and similar websites.  They are the biggest, brightest and best TV you will find in online stores.

One of the first things you should consider when choosing the best TV for watching movies is the lighting condition of your room. Watching movies in a dark room gives the best experience

Therefore, as a film lover the type of TV you should look out for is the one that has bright highlights, vivid colors and can provide dark blacks especially in HDR content.

Here are some of the best TV for watching films


The LG CX OLED is one of the best TV for film lovers. It is one of the latest models in the LG collection. Whether you’re streaming contents online or just watching movies, you will enjoy the best experience to the fullest. It comes with a stand that makes it supper easy to rest by the table.

Its capability to view deep blacks remarkably is one of the reasons why it is the best TV for film lovers. It can switch individual pixels off giving complete black uniformity and an infinite contrast ratio.


  • Displays wide color gamut.
  • VRR support.
  • Wide viewing angles.
  • Infinite contrast ratio.


  • Risk of permanent burn-in.

With the Hisense H9G you don’t need to worry yourself about the permanent burn-in issue associated with other brands. The Hisense H9G has a high contrast ratio refurbished by a full array local dimming mode, thus making it an excellent dark room TV set. It provides the best DDR experience with its high peak brightness and wide color gamut. It comes with a wide collection of applications for its Android TV site. Its VA panel is well coated and resistant to permanent burn-in.


  • excellent contrast ratio.
  • It Makes highlights pop in HDR.
  • Outstanding response time.
  • Outstanding reflection handling.


  • Narrow viewing angles.
  • No VRR support.
  1. Samsung Q80/Q80T QLED

The Samsung Q80/Q80T QLED is one of the best TV for film lovers in this review. It comes with precise colors that offer amazing image quality. More so you don’t need to bother about other expenses for recalibration as the TV comes well calibrated. It has a high contrast ratio featuring deep blacks and is amazingly suitable for watching movies in black. The TV has good viewing angles, which implies that you can conveniently watch movies clearly from any location in your room. It also comes will a large collection of applications for streaming all types of video and audio contents


  • outstanding response time.
  • Remarkable contrast ratio.
  • Great reflection handling.
  • perfect viewing angles.


  • Corners of the screen appear darker.
  1. Hisense H8G

If you’re on a low budget but don’t want to comprise quality and standard then you can choose the Hisense H8G. it is one of the best budget friendly TV for film lovers.  Considering its price, it is amazingly strong and suitable for all variety of uses. It has a great contrast ratio for uniform blacks.


  • Displays deep blacks.
  • Great SDR peak brightness.
  • Incredibly low input lag.


  • Limiting HDR experience.
  • Narrow viewing angles.