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In the implementation of such program the State shall respect the rights of small property owners. The Congress shall not, besides by general regulation, present for the formation, organization, or regulation of personal firms.

The Seven Liberal Arts and Sciences, represented by the seven steps in the Fellowcraft Degree, symbolize for the Mason an idealization of education, that mental and cultural discipline necessary for man in his quest to acquire perfection and understand his Maker. From a symbolic standpoint, these seven subjects have to be considered a single image composed of seven parts of equal dignity. While geometry is exalted by Masonry, it is handled separately within the Fellowcraft Degree in one other context and should not be supplied extra significance within the context of the Seven Liberal Arts and Sciences. With this background, one now turns to the seven liberal arts to realize an perception into their nature.

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Through the visible arts, people communicate ideas, emotions, beliefs, and hopes. The examination of conventional and modern artworks helps us to grasp historical past, culture, and society. Visual Arts helps us to question our personal beliefs in addition to those of society. Students transfer from set follow modules …