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Gone are the days where you had to drive to stores to buy DVD, pop open the plastic case and plug your DVD into the DVD player. To serve a promising context, when dealing with online streaming, we’re experiencing a paradigm shift. No longer are viewers interested in ownership. Instead, they are concerned with access. Check out Britain reviews to read what other people think of this.

With entertainment streaming platforms, the power is in the hands of the viewer. They can watch an entire season in one sitting or watch one episode in the evenings. Streaming providers are becoming so good at predicting content the viewer will like that no one show is insanely popular.


With so many TV streaming services available today, there’s no reason to say there’s nothing to watch with big shots like Netflix and Hulu and new to streaming powerhouses like Disney plus and HBO Max. Choosing a streaming service isn’t a one shoe fits all experience. Every viewer’s needs and wants differ. Below are six of the most popular streaming TV services to help decide your best fit.

1.   Hulu (Best for keeping up with the most recent shows)

New episodes of trending shows are uploaded to Hulu platform for those who don’t have cable, and it’s easy to watch your best episode on Hulu despite having a cut cord. But on a Hulu subscription, of course.

With an essential subscription of ($6 per month) or a premium ($12 per month), you’ll have access to watch it the next day. There’s also an option with live TV for ($55 per month). Hulu’s catalog does not include everything. You may need an add-on to watch some movies.

2.   Netflix (Best for bingeing old TV shows)

Netflix is known for its original movies, shows, and documentaries, most of which have received widespread and critical recognition. Netflix mixes up its content every month, releasing new titles every week. You can choose between its essential subscription of ($9 per month), standard ($13), and premium ($16).

3.   Amazon Prime Video (Best for streaming newer movies)

This streaming service has movies to rent or buy. If you subscribe to Amazon Prime monthly subscription ($13 and $6.49 per month for students) for savings on the e-commerce site, you also get access to prime video.

4.   Disney Plus (Best for Disney and Marvel movies)

If you have young ones or you’re young at heart, Disney Plus is packed with great content with original shows. Disney is speeding-up the streaming releases of brand new movies too. After the seven-day free trial, Disney plus cost $7 a month.

5.   HBO Max (Best for new and old hit movies)

Though HBO lacks a breakout of original series at launch, it does have a great selection of movies, some recent and much older. HBO Max’s price is at a high end at $14.99 a month. Also, it can’t stream in 4k HDR or on Amazon fire devices. See TV streaming services UK reviews to know the best fit for you.